Our clients, for the first time will have the option to see exactly what he looked, sounded, and felt like from the day they come to our establishment until the day he graduates.

Ever wish you could look back on what you or a loved one looked and sounded like at the beginning of his recovery? Well… Here at Reflections Recovery Center we have integrated a video journal component into our clients recovery. This shows the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change that occurs during there stay with us. Each client is given a flash drive at the end of his treatment to show their growth at Reflections Recovery Center.

Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) services utilized at an Arizona State Licensed Facility. The therapeutic approach uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a comprehensive education on drugs and alcohol through the use of videos, lectures and assignments. A few of the topics covered in the IOP process include relapse prevention, problem solving, compulsive and impulsive behaviors, stress management, and positive and negative relationships.

Prescott Arizona is the leading capital in the western United States for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Not only is Prescott, Az. a safe place for a client trying to reach his goal of recovery, but Prescott also has an extremely supportive community of people out achieving the same goals as or clients. Prescott is a very small intimate town that has a passion for recovery and a love for newcomers.

What makes Reflections Recovery Center so unique is the fact that we offer clients the ability to document the progress of their own recovery through video journals. This gives clients and their families the opportunity to look back at their personal growth and the different stages of a progression through their recovery process.

Client Testimonials

My experience at RRC is it helped me become the man I though imposible.–Kyle K, Ohio

I  went to Relfections after three months at another treatment program in Prescott. My experience there was nothing less than outstanding. The structured recovery and  excelent leadership has added a new and powerful dimension to my exsisting program. I couldn't of been happier with the choice I made.–Andrew G, New Jersey

When I came to Reflections I was scared and completely hopless. Since then my life has improved beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am happy, sober, and proud of the person I have become.–Neil N, Phoenix Az

I asked for help and ended up at Reflections Recovery. It is a safe place where I did a lot of work on myself in a short amount of time with a great bunch of guys.–Russ C, Virginia

I had been battiling addiction for seven years of my life and wanted to change. I ended up at Reflections and the experience has been amazing. Reflections has helped me find a life worth living. The amount of happiness I have gained is un explainable, I am so gratfule to have had Reflections and the guys to show me a way of living I never thought possible.–Brandon S, California